Jubouri Zamili future: the importance and application of human rights standards to speed up the resolution of cases of detainees without trial

House Speaker Salim al-received in his own office, on Sunday evening, the Minister of Justice Haider Zamili, During the meeting, they reviewed the reality of the Ministry's work and the obstacles that hinder their work and the need to provide effective solutions in order to eliminate them and said al-Jubouri, the importance of the application and speed up the resolution of cases of detainees human rights standards without trial and deal fairly with all the files relating to the work of the ministry, expressing the readiness of the House of Representatives to provide the necessary support through legislation governing the work of the ministry and facilitate the work of his part Zamili thanks to the interest shown by the President of the House of Representatives of the ministry, is certain that the Ministry of Justice is working on the application of rights standards rights in all departments and sections of the Ministry.