Judiciary announces the release of 8883 detainees in the past month

Iraqi judiciary announced, Monday, that the country's courts has released over the past month about 8883 detainees have not found guilty, while suggesting that it was the completion of the issue of 15 311 during the same period. A judiciary spokesman Abdul Sattar Bayrakdar, in a statement, "and agency of our economy" has received a copy of it, that "the country's courts released 8883 detainees over the past month have not found guilty of including them proportions," pointing out that "in 1845 suspended from these numbers were accused according to Article IV of the Anti-Terrorism Act. " Bayrakdar He added that "7002" detainees were released during the investigation stage, and 1881 others during the trial phase, "adding that" the total who have settled their cases by about the year totaled 13712 suspended. " He continued that "the judicial investigation offices across the country resolved during this period at a rate of 15 311 issue of 70%, which offered her," pointing out that "the Office of the achievement of Hilla, ranked first, followed by the Office of the discount rates to achieve Kadhimiya." The Federal Judicial Authority announced on November 19, 2015, for the trial of 854 accused of "terrorism" in the last month, stressing that the country's courts, accusing released in 1611 during the same period.