Maliki's "Okaz:" Iraq will not be provided to Iran and to Turkey on a platter of Gold

Baghdad / follow-up Baghdadiya News / .. Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki said Iraq will not be provided to Iran and to Turkey on a platter of gold


Maliki said in an interview with the newspaper Okaz Saudi Arabia: "Iraq will not bring on a gold platter to any other State not Turkey nor Iran nor any Arab state or any country in the world, and of these false accusations."

He added: "We want good relations with Iran and Turkey, and Saudi Arabia (Saudi Arabia) as well, and all the neighboring countries and the world, and have no interest at all in that antagonize state and consume and exhaust our best in hostility, wondering why antagonize Iran? Why antagonize Turkey? Therefore, our relationship and our friendship list on the basis of mutual respect and non-interference in domestic affairs. "

He explained: "We decide our policy and go, and the Iranians did not mind and have no right to object to us, and many of our issues that we do Iran is a difference of opinion our policy, and you know the relationship between America and Iran and to what degree of estrangement, while our relationship with the U.S. strategic relationship a natural strong solid based on common interests and understanding and agreement is governed by Atarastrateja relationships, and all these things do not appeal to Iran, but Iran did not respect the will of Iraq announces that it accepts or rejects, even in the issue of elections, and we decide to go.

Maliki called the Arab state not to hear of Iraqi political opposition, particularly because the opposition we have in Iraq Etjny the truth and provided images of unrealistic, but open the file and look at it carefully to see the truth. / Finished / 21