Abdul-Mahdi: We are still at a standstill with the Kurdistan .. If handed over to the revenue they will receive 17%

Twilight News / Iraqi Oil Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi said he had not yet reached an agreement on oil exports from Iraq's Kurdistan region, reiterating opposition to the central government in Baghdad to sell Erbil oil directly instead of being transferred to the Iraqi Oil Marketing Company (SOMO).
Abdul-Mahdi said in a press statement, said "We are still at a standstill ... waiting for serious talks with our brothers in Kurdistan."
Kurdistan Regional Government and Baghdad began to skip and export of oil directly in 2014 after a dispute with the central government on the region's share in the budget. Currently, the province exported more than 500 thousand barrels per day.
Abdul-Mahdi said, "If the oil handed over will receive a seventeen percent rate," a reference to the custom of the general budget of the Kurdish authorities in the region in exchange for oil.
He added that the Baghdad talks with foreign oil companies operating in the south on the review of conditions of service agreements with those companies going in a good direction.
"I got some cuts in the costs of international oil companies. We are still talking. International oil companies made some suggestions ... we have reduced the gap than ever before."
"We ask that there are some incentives for international oil companies but we want it to also assume responsibilities when the price is low and we both also responsible for cost reduction.