Coordinator of the inspectors: Our offices recovered $ 700 million

On: Friday 2/3/2012 8:02

 Baghdad / range
detection of the Inspector General of the Ministry of Health, on Thursday, the offices of inspectors general in the Iraqi ministries attributed the $ 700 million of the money illegally leaked, and prevented the theft of 3 trillion dinars.

Said Adel Muhsin, in a press statement yesterday, "was able to offices of inspectors general across government departments to recover more than $ 700 million of the money illegally leaked". He added that "this office has completed these tasks in 2011 only", as he emphasized that it "has also managed to prevent the theft of 3 trillion dinars from the circles of the state." And criticized the optimizer, attempts to freeze the work of offices of inspectors general, said, that this "action will open the door to theft and corruption, and I think that the cabinet will not make on this, has issued some of the trends, and statements from here or there, but the Council of Ministers smarter and wiser than to cancel the system that has proved its worth and effectiveness and work numbers. "
He was a member of the Integrity Committee representative Khaled Al-Alwani was revealed last Thursday, for "Twilight News" that the Presidency of the Council of Ministers informed the Committee that it has a tendency to abolish the offices of inspectors general in the ministries result of the continuing problems and disagreements between inspectors and ministries.