Construction contracts with Ukrainian company to qualify through the Rumaila - Safwan and funding from the World Bank

The Ministry of Construction and Housing announced on Sunday, for a contract with the Ukrainian company for the rehabilitation of the Rumaila Road - Safwan, in the province of Basra. According to a statement of the ministry and agency of our economy news it received a copy of "Minister of Construction and Housing Tariq Kikhany signed a contract to rehabilitate the highway project i 8 with the company" Walt com "Ukraine, which consists of the first two branches extending from the Rumaila area towards Safwan a length of 81 km and the second from the intersection of Basra toward Basra province, 31 km long. "He added that" this project is implemented under the supervision of roads and bridges department of the ministry and is one of the important and strategic projects which is implemented with a loan from the World Bank at a cost of US $ 85 million within the $ 355 million allocated by the World Bank for the rehabilitation projects Traffic Ways Forum. "The ministry recently signed a contract for the rehabilitation of Highway Traffic i 7 which connects the provinces of Dhi Qar and Rumaila in the province of Basra with the Greek company Terna.