For the first time agriculture depends recorded three varieties of wheat in Karbala

Dated: 12/21/2015 Monday 7:17

Today Iraq / Baghdad
It has given the Ministry of Agriculture - Agriculture Karbala Directorate, in collaboration with the National Programme for the Development of wheat care, planting three kinds of wheat crop, a new registration and accreditation for the purpose of comparing it with Alsnov cultivated, and the extent of their resistance to disease.
Department of Relations and Media and International Cooperation in the Ministry of Agriculture, said more also: "The technical staff specialized national program for the development of wheat in the Directorate, the cultivation forms of Baghdad (1) and Babylon and rider of wheat, for the purpose of standing on the productivity of these new Alsnov, and compared cultivated Balsnov terms production, and the extent of its ability to resist plant diseases and pests of field crops, to be distributed to peasants and farmers for the coming years ", and the method of cultivation," planted in the form of slabs and the way manual seed, for statistical analysis, "the point is also the source:" The use of Badhirh for sowing and fertilizing for the first once, after soil settlement and various agricultural crops ", and its specifications, we read:" This Albadhirh with high specifications, and its absorption capacity and adaptability to all crop seeds, as it is characterized by reducing the loss of seeds during seed, to contribute to the success of the farming operation, raising wheat productivity level being one of the important crops, "With regard to the other activities of the Directorate:" The Directorate held a meeting in the presence of the governor and the mayor of the province, and the Director of the Division update the maps, and members of the Supreme Committee for the management of the project, the Director of the Department of Geographic Information Systems, to discuss the work plan for the second phase, the project to modernize Special maps of the province of Karbala, to determine the health and safety of the plan of scientific and applied the executive ", and the responsibilities of the cultivation of Karbala Directorate" is responsible for the implementation of the second phase of the modernization project of mapping private agricultural holdings as the concerned authority, responsible for spatial data health, with regard to the location and area of ​​each agricultural holdings ", and seal our source:" The Ministry of Agriculture, pay particular attention to the wheat crop, and through the national program for the development of wheat, being one of the strategic crops, which enters in the provision and fill the food basket of the citizen, in addition to its advantage as animal feed. "