The introduction of modern trade system cameras and connect them to the Internet to monitor the work of a central mills

12/21/2015 7:18
Iraq today / beauty Bureau
The Minister of Trade and Kalh- Mohammed Xiaa Sudanese in improving supervisory work, and intensify the monitoring and inspection of the work of the grinders, and improve the mechanisms used in the work of the censorship department in grain processing company, and the adoption of modern technology in the audit work,
The Ministry of Commerce has introduced a system of modern and sophisticated cameras, linked to a network of Internet, to monitor the work of Mills Yasin Abbas - Director General of the General Company for the manufacture of grain, said regarding this: "The company, began linking system modern cameras, has recently been installed in the mill session the government of the central control via the Internet, where it was the trial run of the system successfully, and will roll out in all governmental mills operating, and the capacity to control all aspects of the work of Mills, and access centrally on the stages of production in any mill, which contributes to the monitoring of irregularities in real time ", and Other benefits of the system: "control of the stages of production in mills mechanisms, and reduce the time and effort exerted by the company through the difference inspection phones that implement supervisory tours daily at mills, where they can exploit these committees efforts to monitor agents and furnaces, bakeries, in addition to the mills and as needed." , Abbas found that in conclusion, that focuses on the most important point of concern to the ministry: "The Ministry of Commerce is making the maximum effort to provide good material flour, tastefully worthy of Iraqi citizens through the introduction of modern technology in the technical and supervisory work."