Economist: Daash on the verge of economic collapse

By Mustafa Curran 7 hours ago 12-21-2015

Roudao - Erbil

Said economic expert, Salah al-Din Kaku, that "the liberation of the occupied oil wells by the Iraqi army, as well as edit the Peshmerga forces to the city of Sinjar, significantly affected the organization of the" Islamic State "Daash economy.

Kaku said the network Roudao media, that "Daash began to collapse, after the restoration of the Peshmerga forces control of the district of Sinjar."

He added, "The Liberation city of Ramadi, Anbar province, center, and some other areas, especially those where there are oil wells, a negative impact on Daash economy, which impacted on the pace of its military."

He continued, an economist, said that "conducting military operations, requires the availability of more money, and after the collapse of Daash economy because of the loss of a lot of sources of funding, and cut through its supply between Iraq and Syria, after the liberation of Sinjar, as well as the restoration of the areas where oil wells are located, we can say that this It marks the beginning of the collapse of the organization Daash in general. "

It is said that the security forces had over the last few days of the restoration of many areas in Ramadi, including nationalization region and headquarters operations and large parts of the south and east of Ramadi.