Cheap calls to restructure the local currency

On: Friday 2/3/2012 7:26

 Baghdad / range
called economic expert, Bassem Jamil Anton to the restructuring of the dinar in conjunction with the switch currency and delete zeros through the issuance of monetary values ​​of large groups said it would raise the rate of circulation of the national currency and reduce inflation.

The Anton, according to (/ Baghdadiya News) the need to "restructure the local currency and the composition with the release of the new currency after deletion of zeros, through the issuance of classes of the Iraqi currency values, great for reducing the burden of the number of banknotes of the currency which will lead to increased trading in local currency," explaining that "the absence of domestic production and dependence on imports is the reason for the large number of the dollar but there is another reason can not be underestimated is the lack of categories of values ​​of a large coin, citing his call for end of life inclusive of the coin current in the market after more than seven years."
said Anton : instead of printing new cards of the same coin current in the same costs will print a new currency are not subject to falsification specifications and modern techniques, noting that "the currency symbol sovereign countries but we have noticed that most of our dealings large are the dollar should reduce the process of dollarization and the use of the Iraqi dinar and its complications, especially if We learned that there went about printing large groups both 50 and percent and two hundred, which makes you take a small number of papers, but the value of large and this is an important process in doing business.
and Anton that "nearly two and eight hundred and banknotes are traded in the market, a figure giant compared to a country like Iraq, the the number of pieces of paper Danarena probably equal to what exists in the United States and that one of the causes of inflation. "
and reduced Anton expectations of the effects of real economic process to delete the zeros because GDP is the standard in the development of the country's economy and currency as a means and not an end it is a mirror of the economy when there is be the result of a national currency despite the well-being of the American economy is raise the equivalent of gold, but its strength is derived from the continued existence and economic activities are a giant dollar and the fact that the U.S. national income by about 14 trillion dollars.