Deputy: Iraq's interest requires that an ally of the Americans and the Gulf

2012 2015

Alsumaria News / Kirkuk
MP for the province of Kirkuk's Arabs Khaled Mafraji, Sunday, that Iraq can not be neutral in the regional alliances in the international arena, as he emphasized that the interests of Iraq require the cooperation and alliance with the United States and the Gulf states.
Said Mafraji in an interview with Alsumaria's News, he said that "Iraq can not be neutral towards a second alliance, as the Iraq link with America strategic agreement and this agreement signed by the parties and against which to be biased to one of the regional hubs and Iraq a pivotal part in the international coalition to fight terrorism." , pointing out that "Iraq is the issue of alliances is not neutral, because the direction of a particular alliance dispersion his frequent alliances in determining the most beneficial to him because it is more of the country affected by terrorism." Healing: Islamist alliance is not directed against Iraq and the Gulf do not support us without the approval of Washington and Washington: There are more than five thousand adviser of the international coalition in Iraq
He Mafraji, that "all regional hubs that form claiming the fight against terrorism and the axis chosen by Iraq was chosen in 2011 in the strategic agreement with the United States," stressing that "Iraq's interests require cooperation with the United States and that have good relations with the Arab states, especially the Gulf of them, as well as good-neighborly relations with Iran and Turkey. "
Saudi Arabia was announced, in (15 December 2015), the formation of an Islamic military alliance to fight "terrorism" consists of 34 Islamic state, to be based in the Saudi capital Riyadh, which is confronted with mixed reaction in the Iraqi political circles between welcome and farewell to join the alliance, and between shows him strongly considering it an alliance "sectarian".