President of the Arab Parliament confirms its support for Iraq in the fight against terrorist gangs Daash


Met with President of the Republic

New President of the Arab parliaments to support all the Arab peoples to the Iraqis in their war against Daash terrorist gangs. A statement by the Presidency of the Republic that "the President of the Republic Fuad Masum, received at the Peace Palace in Baghdad on Sunday the Arab Parliament Chairman Ahmed bin Mohammed Al Jarwan, was During the meeting, praising the importance of the efforts on the road to rapprochement between the Arab countries and the indispensability of the existence of a distinct, including relationships, which is a source of strength for Iraq and the Arab states At the same time, especially in light of the challenges facing the Arab world, stressing that Iraq sought actively to expand and develop its relations with the Arab countries. " The President of the Republic, according to the statement "the importance of communication between the Arab and Islamic countries through conferences and forums and its dialogue of importance in strengthening the bonds of relations between these countries," pointing to "the pursuit of Baghdad to host conferences for the parliaments of the Arab Islamic, to be the nucleus of a convergence of views among the Arab countries The Islamic ". It pointed out that "Jarwan stressed the importance of Iraq's role in the joint Arab action and direct contributions to the Arab decision-making, and continuous interaction with the Arab events, as well as his positions known for her support of the fateful Arab issues", praising the "great sacrifices offered by the people of Iraq for the sake of freedom that and the consolidation of national unity. " President of the Arab parliaments also renewed its support for the Arab peoples to the Iraqis in their war against the terrorist gangs Daash, expressing his optimism for Iraq to pass these difficult conditions experienced by.