National Industries challenge of foreign currency leakage

12/21/2015 0:00

BAGHDAD joy pumice
Recommended experts and specialists in the economy, the importance of the industrial sector development in Iraq to support the national economy diversified sustainable economic aspects, social, and environmental guarantees to the private sector a leading role has a competitive regionally and globally, in order to achieve self-sufficiency and food security, and reduce unemployment rates, and the reduction of hard currency out of the outside.

The present recommendations in line with the economic curriculum within the government program in the development of contexts to ensure the formulation of a package of measures and policies to stimulate the productive sectors, as well as stimulate the private sector and maximizing the overall revenues and rationalize expenditures in the industrial sector, which achieves the sustainability of dealing creatively with Wealth kinds sources by maximizing the proceeds of wealth and invested for the settlement of human experience producing and diversification of the economy.

In this regard, Deputy Chief Economist Association spokesman Antoine said that achieving the biggest contribution of the productive sectors in the gross domestic product to reach positive values ​​in a number of companies, requires work to identify insights economic and industrial clear based on giving a leading role to the private sector of Iraq, as well as carrying out an industrial survey widely to all industrial enterprises, including small and micro (SMES) with work to improve performance in government projects through privatization, restructuring and transfer of ownership in whole or in part to the private sector .

The past term decline in industrial production to too low ratios, as it was a more than 67 percent of gross domestic product, according to Antoine, although the work force belonging to this sector make up nearly 17 percent, but the industrial sector witnessed a stop at his government and his factories by nearly 30 percent, and more than 65 percent in the private sector.

He noted that the number of full list of industrial projects of incorporation until 2014, up to 20 000 project works, including only 10 percent, and 50 percent operating below its production capacity, including the construction, as There are 4000 project under construction is divided between five varieties (textile, construction, metal, chemical, food), distributed among the provinces.

As for the policies required to promote the industrial sector, Vnoh Antoine that it is the selection of industries that rely in its work on the use of local raw materials for the purpose of reduction of currency such as the construction industry leak (cement, plaster, brick Block, Kashi, Steikr, etc.), where the materials are spread all over Iraq from the far north to the far south, in addition to the fact that these industries make up 45 percent of Iraq's industries, to Besides the leather industry, petrochemical, dairy, food, and other, especially as the construction industry provides construction of housing units kits.

He also stressed the need to support industries that reduce foreign imports and similar national domestic production or, including small and medium industries feeder large and few costs Industries The family, through the provision of soft her loans, for the purpose of reducing the foreign currency leaking out of the country, as well as a focus on high value-added projects that give the cash flow constant industries, and attracts the biggest of manpower number for the purpose of reducing the unemployment rates in the community.

He concluded Antoine the need to move towards high competitiveness of industries with comparative advantages by providing appropriate ground, and put to ensure the legitimacy of restructuring process and benefit from the experiences of countries in this area, as well as the application of corporate governance among the owners of standards stakeholders, employees and managers to manage the process transparently and achieve mechanisms For his part, Director General of the General Company for Iraqi Cement Nasser Al Madani stressed the preparation of training curricula ongoing technical staffs to keep up with scientific and technical development, and sponsor research and studies aimed at the desired service to improve performance and increase efficiency.

He also stressed the importance of the infrastructure necessary to ensure that spaces and spaces sufficient to accommodate the machinery and construction equipment Manufacturing, as well as workspaces, storage and carry, which is the construction of specialized industrial cities.