Cancellation threatens reconciliation conference due to disagreement on the venue and the agenda

12/19/2015 23:19

Long-Presse / Baghdad
Reconciliation Conference is facing a delay or even a cancellation after more than two months spent preparing and preparation work embarked upon parliamentary committees directly under the coordination of the Presidium of the House of Representatives.

Despite the logistical preparations at loggerheads about the conference agenda and the list of invitees in addition to the venue.

It seems that the fate of the reconciliation conference depends on the approval of the first deputy chairman of the House of Representatives who insists on holding the conference in Baghdad, and could not be in another place not to be out of Iraq.

This attitude contrasts with the insistence of the National Reconciliation Commission, a subsidiary of the prime minister, to hold a conference in the Egyptian capital Cairo.

Parties National Alliance proposes granting wary of coming to Baghdad safeguards to ensure their safe entry and exit.

According to parliamentary sources, the reconciliation conference will not only opponents of the political process of reconciliation, but will include Arabs, Kurds and Turkmen disputed areas, as well as the people of the provinces occupied by Daash.

Says Hisham al-Suhail, Chairman of the reconciliation, accountability and justice, said that his committee "made, earlier, a proposal to the Presidency of the House of Representatives calling for the organization of a national reconciliation conference," pointing out that "the Presidency of the Parliament turned the proposal to the competent committees in order to study it before you give consent on him".

He said al-Suhail (range) that "the relevant committees formed by the Presidium of the Parliament and in partnership with the parliamentary reconciliation committee submitted a report to the Vice President of the House of Representatives Hamoudi, who are waiting for approval to proceed with the convening of a national reconciliation conference."

He continued by saying "in the event of approval of the first deputy on the proposal for a reconciliation committee will be held the first preparatory conference in the coming days and then followed by another conference will be attended by Arab and international figures."

And confirms the head of the accountability member that "all persons who have been sentenced to judicial orders are not covered by national reconciliation, but in the event of surrender to eliminate and acquitted then Ciecmlon national reconciliation," adding that "the first preparatory conference will be attended by religious figures and tribal, political and academic."

And the outputs of the preparatory conference, al-Suhail is expected to "make recommendations to bring the views and pave the way for a larger conference, which will include opponents of the political process in Iraq in order to create the conditions for after elimination of Daash".

It shows a member of a coalition of state law that "this conference will include a reconciliation between Arabs and Kurds in the disputed areas, as well as Kurds, Turkmen and also reconciliation between the people of the provinces occupied by Daash".

In the same context, MP Mohammed Naji, a member of the Commission on Reconciliation and accountability, says that the "national dialogue conference has become an urgent need to need a lot of parties to dialogue and reconciliation to take its natural role in the political process."

He noted Naji, told the (range), that "there is a difference in the Presidency of the Council of Representatives on the National Reconciliation content," adding, "First Deputy Chairman of the House of Representatives Hamoudi wants that the conference takes the trend other than what you want the other parties."

It is expected to accountability and reconciliation committee member, said "the conference be delayed until after the end of the current legislative term holiday," attributing it to "The difference is about the parties to be covered by reconciliation."

Nagy said that "the parliamentary committee looking and preparing for more than two months, but the differences between the Presidency of the Council of Representatives postponed the holding of this conference to now."

However, Abbas al-Amiri, a political adviser to Hamoudi, deputy speaker of parliament, denies the existence of reservations or intersections by First Deputy Chairman of the House of Representatives Hamoudi on the theme of national reconciliation adopted by the National Reconciliation Commission.

He said al-Amiri, told the (range), that "Hamoudi insists that the conference in the capital Baghdad and in the case can not access some of the parties, it is possible to choose other region in Iraq in order to hold this conference."

Parliamentary Counsel and stressed "the need to rotate reconciliation dialogue, which may include discussion of the principles of democracy and the political system and constitution, inside Iraqi territory in order to create a suitable environment to ensure broad participation."

Ameri strongly denies the existence of an agreement on the themes of the conference nor the parties involved, he said. "All of these things are not clear to us and we need clarification from the Commission before the parliamentary reconciliation." And stresses "in the event of agreement on these points there are no any problem in his contract."

Parliamentary advisor and reveals "the existence of another controversial point is the insistence of the Commission to hold a reconciliation conference in the Egyptian capital Cairo and this is rejected by First Deputy Hamoudi."

And between Ameri "No reservation to Hamoudi on any conference calls for national reconciliation but provided that it is in Baghdad," adding that "the parties to the National Alliance proposes to grant the parties which fear of participating in Baghdad to ensure safe facilitate entry and exit."
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