Nassif criticized the absences Parliament at its best .. miss him 100 Deputy

Sunday 20 December 2015 | 16:23

BAGHDAD / .. confirmed member of the parliamentary legal committee high Nassif, Sunday, that the absences in the House of Representatives and clear and many in Parliament and be the best of his absence (100) Vice.

Nassif said for "Eye Iraq News", that "some MPs did not abide by the department before God and the Iraqi people perform legislative work, but they violate section because of the many Gaabathm," indicating that "the deputies expose themselves to two things: the first physical punishment and is cutting 500 000 dinars per session Itagebha It is the moral punishment and shorten it in front of people. "

He showed that "the presidency of the House of Representatives cut me on every session I miss the 500 000 dinars, and this decision applies to all MPs and I have no knowledge if there was duplication in dealing with the deputies," calling "Iraqis not to elect MPs who are absent because they are if they are their representatives in the parliament. "

The House of Representatives decision Imad Youkhana, said in the third of this December, Parliament is continuing to conduct cutting the amount of $ 500 000 dinars for each day of absence from the salary of the deputies. Ended 9