Parliamentary Economy: behind the political views of the reluctance of investment projects

2012 2015
Consolation member of the Committee of Economy and Investment parliamentary Kadhim Jawad, on Saturday, the reason for the reluctance of investment projects to political parties working on this waste of money.
Jawad said in a press statement that "most of the projects lagging caused by the political parties wasted a lot of money, so we called for activating the investment law for the protection of local and international companies and encourage them to come to Iraq, '' calling on the government to promote the need for this law."
He said Jawad, said that "the loan borrowed from the World Bank Iraq worth one billion and 200 million dollars will improve the economic situation in the country after that do investment, which plays an important role in the implementation of projects lagging law."
The World Bank announced its approval of the grant Iraq a loan of one billion and 200 million dollars to help Baghdad in controlling public finances and improve the efficiency of the energy sector and offset the decline in oil prices and the escalating costs of security conditions.