Parliamentary Integrity: investigate the smuggling of oil from Kurdistan, Diyala Basr
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Thread: Parliamentary Integrity: investigate the smuggling of oil from Kurdistan, Diyala Basr

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    Parliamentary Integrity: investigate the smuggling of oil from Kurdistan, Diyala Basr

    Parliamentary Integrity: To investigate the smuggling of oil from Kurdistan, Diyala and Basra to finance Daash

    December 20, 2015
    It announced that the Parliamentary Integrity Committee, the determination of integrity devices form a "fact-finding committees" about the oil smuggling in Iraq for the financing of terrorist gangs Daash.
    Committee Chairman Talal Zobaie, in a statement I followed news agency Buratha The Commission is working on a "theme smuggling of Iraqi oil under the shadow of the financial crisis in the country", adding that "the integrity devices constitute committees fact-finding about the smuggling of oil, and will go to Kurdistan, Basra and Diyala province , to know the size of the amount of oil that escapes and the amounts obtained from this process. "
    Zobaie explained that "some oil in these three areas, including funding goes through the smuggling of Daash".
    A report by the judicial authority, revealed last Monday that the provinces of Babil, Najaf stand as a point of tuning task for traders oil derivatives, the fact that the two cities are located on the Association of lines between the south and north of the country, and stressed the achievement of the courts of the two provinces referred several cases of smuggling of the Central customs court in Baghdad.
    He said, Babil province is considered the passage of important point because it is located in the heart of Iraq so the wheels that come from Basra to the north, or vice versa is tuned in the province.
    For his part, the investigation judge in Babylon Morteza Ahlgrebawi, expressed concern that "the proceeds of these crimes to support terrorism."
    It is said that Russia recently sent charges to Turkey to buy Iraqi oil and the Syrian Daash of terrorist gangs which was denied by Ankara but Moscow published a video image planes shows the entry of oil tankers smuggled into Turkish territory
    And it demanded that the Iraqi Oil Ministry in the third of this month, the UN Security Council to investigate about the smuggling of Iraqi oil by Daash and identify the actors involved in these operations.
    He revealed the ministry spokesman Assem Jihad for the loss of Iraq's oil sector, due to Daash practices, amounting to billions of dollars, because of smuggling large quantities of oil, and the destruction of oil installations and pipelines to export oil. "
    For his part, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi stressed "the importance of stopping the smuggling of oil by Daash and who escapes his majority via Turkey," noting, "We talked with the Turkish side on the issue and Uadona there is a resolution of the UN Security Council on the subject."


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