"Parliamentary integrity" intends to Find Facts in oil smuggling outside Iraq

1220 2015
Change confirms the continued flow of large amounts of territory through the ports of Turkey

The Commission on Integrity in Parliament, it will be connected to all the relevant ministries and works to visit the Kurdistan region and border crossings in the provinces of Basra and Diyala to establish the facts relating to the smuggling of oil, while a block of Kurdish Change has accused the Kurdistan Democratic Party of pursuing policies that led to sabotage most of relations between Baghdad and Erbil.

Committee Chairman MP Talal Khudair Zobaie that "there is information and evidence of smuggling large quantities of Iraqi oil to go most of its imports to supportive views to terrorism", stressing that "the parliamentary Integrity decided to form a commission of inquiry to make sure this information and the disclosure of those in the process of smuggling and the amount of smuggled quantities and the amounts obtained from. "

Zobaie said in his interview with the newspaper '' the morning of the new '' that "the Integrity Committee will initiate contacts with all relevant ministries and works to visit the Kurdistan region and border crossings in the provinces of Basra and Diyala to establish the facts."

, Pointing out that "the Commission will establish field committees to see the progress of project implementation and monitoring of the lagging ones during the holiday period because the legislative work of the Commission in the course of an ongoing formal meetings and then to serve the homeland and the citizen's interest."

And between Zobaie "The Integrity Committee will spare no effort by exposing all the files of corruption and corrupt in order to hold them accountable."

For its part, it confirmed the mass change of Kurdistan, the approach and the policy of the Kurdistan Democratic Party and the mechanism of action behind the destruction of most of the relations between Baghdad and Erbil, stressing that it was "better for the Minister of Natural Resources extended his hand with Baghdad and reached to develop appropriate solutions instead of oil smuggling.

The Minister of Natural Resources in the region drastically, announced in a press statement that the Government of the Territory hired private tankers to transport crude oil through the dealer Pakistani veteran in the maritime transport work in Iraq for many years, pointing out that "oil smuggling mechanism has in many cases by joint oil pipeline with Turkey and then to the port of Ashkelon in Israel and moved directly between ships anchored off the coast of Malta, although ships shenanigans used to increase the difficulty of follow-up on the part of Baghdad.

The MP from the bloc Shirin satisfaction that "the Kurdistan Democratic Alliance policy behind the destruction of relations between the federal government and the Kurdistan region," indicating that "what has been announced by the Minister of Natural Resources drastically for smuggling large quantities of Iraqi oil through the ports of Turkey to Israel is contrary to all the agreements concluded Formerly with Baghdad. "

She added satisfaction in her speech to the newspaper '' the morning of the new '' that "it is supposed to Hawrami extended his hand with the Baghdad government to reach a final agreement on the export of oil by peaceful means and not use deceptive methods and extending his hand with Israel," asserting that "the region has not received any financial revenue about the oil smuggling to now I wonder where did all that money that you gained from oil smuggling. "

She said a member of the mass change that "territory staff suffer from not receive their salaries for more than four months as well as the financial crisis threatens to Kurdistan and in particular the provinces of Arbil and Sulaimaniya, it is preferable to do be positive on the citizens as a whole," pointing out that "the oil belongs to all Iraqis and resources of the region is supposed to not be exclusively for its residents, but in line with Baghdad to be overcome the difficulties and the expulsion of terrorism from Baghdad. "

And the Kurdistan region announced earlier, that Erbil can not afford a return to the old arrangements with Baghdad, after differences over the budget has evolved during the past two years, blaming successive Iraqi governments responsible for the failure of the oil agreements and government Abadi, as its predecessor did not comply with and meet their financial obligations.

According to the Committee on Energy and Natural Resources in the Kurdistan region parliament earlier, that the investigative Committee on the Question of Daash oil smuggling, continue to investigate with persons suspected of links to this issue, and stressed that "a number of those involved were arrested on this charge, noting that" there are a number of military officials among those involved, including traders and military officials and people from the tanker drivers Arabs and Kurds.

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