Arab summit preparations Baghdad is very good
On: Friday 2/3/2012 8:04

Baghdad / range
said the secretary-general of the Arab League Nabil el-Arabi said Thursday that the security arrangements in Baghdad, "very good" and Iraq is ready to receive the delegations of Arab leaders and Arab kings and presidents to hold the Arab summit. is scheduled to start the summit in Baghdad on March 29 March in will begin meetings preparations in Cairo with effect from 21 March at the level of permanent representatives and senior officials.

Will host Baghdad on 27 and March 28 preparatory meetings at the level of Ministers of Economy and Foreign Affairs.
He said the Arab press conference held in Cairo, The Arab League is reported to all Arab countries, such arrangements, including security, which he described as good, and it is expected that the Arab presence for the summit significantly.

He added that the summit will be an opportunity as presented to Arab leaders, specific ideas on the development of the performance of the Arab League and review of the mechanisms of action so you can keep abreast of developments and changes the current.
The Arab to be the most important items on the agenda of the session 137 of the Council of the League which gets underway on March 7, the current as well as preparations for the summit Arabic is the item on the dangers of nuclear arms on Israeli security, peace and stability in the region and the world and dangerous to enter the area at risk of an arms race, especially as Israel is the only country in the region that have not acceded to the NPT. As for the situation in Syria, said the Secretary-General of the Arab League envoy joint of the Arab League and the United Nations on Syria Kofi Annan will begin his mission on Wednesday next visit to the Arab League headquarters in Cairo.
and it had been agreed between the University and the United Nations to appoint a personal Arabic as his deputy that the university provide political system and administrative envoy joint so that he can perform his task.
He stressed the Arab need for an immediate ceasefire in Syria and the passing of Security Council resolution supported by all States and shall have the enforcement mechanism in order to give the opportunity to envoy joint Kofi Annan to use his good offices to find a political solution to the crisis in Syria, according to the Arab initiative. He pointed out that Annan will be followed by a visit to the University of tours in Syria, and some countries with influence in Syrian affairs in the context of his good offices to find a political solution to the crisis.
In response to a question on the request of some countries arming the opposition and the attitude of the university of that, the Arab that the university has no decisions about arming the opposition and University against the use of violence and not the subject of arming and I'm against arming nothing to do with the subject of the University of armaments.