The municipality of Baghdad completed sewer station saqlawiyah cost 10 billion dinars
December 20, 2015 16 0


Baghdad announced the completion of project construction cost around saqlawiya streams 10 billion dinars to the flame front regions of ghazaliya.
According to a statement by the Secretariat received ours newsletter copy, the "circle of sewers of Baghdad completed in collaboration with a project to establish a sewage station trocar saqlawiyah cost nine billion nine hundred million for sewage the detachment of flame area and parts of ghazaliyah area using equipment and techniques from home to contribute to the improvement of global environmental reality and full control over the process of discharge of sewage and rain".

"The sewage plant design with a capacity of 6600 saqlawiyah liters per second, consisting of 7 pumps are furnished by [ABS] German specialized equipment other than American and European chainsaws".

The statement noted that "the pump will run one or two pumps in normal days with three pumps will run during rainfall or in case of emergency and remain three pumps in case ready to account for future population expansion".
And in between, the project included two main lines extended sewage carriers first align the flame length 2714 m diameters ranging between 1400-1600 mm and the second alignment of raiding along the 2500 meters in diameters ranging from 1200-1400 mm, the pipe used in lines executed in depths between 4-8 metres are linked to the station ".

"The establishment of this station and its affiliated lines represents the third and final phase of the project I t trocar saqlawiyah for the area from Hamza to bridge massacre", noting that "the secretariat completed work of the landfill and the development of the first phase of the system to the area from the entrance of the torch to plant snow afnan charming neighborhood next to complete the second phase of the landfill area from afnan charming neighborhood Hamza bridge".