Jones: Obama impressed Balebadi!


Sunday, December 20 0.2015

Confirmed US ambassador to Iraq, Stuart Jones, on Sunday, his country's support for the efforts of Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi national reconciliation, and pointed to the desire of all Iraqi factions to unite within the framework of a unified sovereign state, while pointing out that al-Abadi came in a difficult situation presented itself distinctive in international forums, between US President Barack Obama impressed with what he was doing Abadi.

Jones said in an interview with the program in the house of the ambassador, which broadcasts satellite channel term, "I support the efforts of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi and his circle of who introduced ideas that unify the ranks of the components of Iraq and its vision of national reconciliation and achieve growth, "noting that" there is a real desire within all the ingredients to unite all within the framework of a unified sovereign state."

Added Jones, that" al-Abadi came in a matter of a very difficult and the contrast to the conduct of the security crisis and support his vision for reform, and support his technical reform across the financial, oil and some other ministries and ministries, "asserting that" the prime minister Haider al-Abadi presented himself characteristically in international forums and international meetings, and I know that a major fan of including trying to do for Iraq and wants to support his efforts.

"He continued Jones, that" US policy in Iraq involving support Iraq enjoys unity and sovereignty, "adding, that" a week ago we were in a meeting attended by leaders from the Sunni-dominated provinces, has brought many of the ideas that will support the process of reconciliation and management statements.

"He pointed out the US ambassador, that "the organization (Daash) no longer win and is now lost everything," pointing out that "the priorities that we have to do now is defeat organization fully and humanitarian support and help the displaced to return to their homes in peace."

explained Jones, that "Iraqis them to look deeply into the US contribution and what it can become in the future because there are enormous benefits to the presence of a strong relationship with the United States, especially since we have size 18 trillion economy, "stressing that" the United States has the world's most advanced techniques in the field of security and all these other things Iraq can benefit through the strategic framework agreement. "