Made in Iraq brackets

12/20/2015 0:00

Thamer Alheims

Usher these days calls for the program «Made in Iraq», which culminated in the light of the directives of the Council of Ministers of government departments purchase of the different producing goods state-owned companies got up from the slumber imposed by the indiscriminate trade considerations and the absence of the customs tariff in addition to external factors other.

To be Msarhzh step successful It must be addressed to the phenomenon that some industry bought some goods from the commercial market through its committees and do Bnglifaa and marking of origin for these Aldaoir under the pretext that the facility is very limited resources and stroll things their budgets to the lack of support for them.

There are those who also lurks them any party buyer, and this is what generates frustration Consumer and it paid a shrug of the local product and what is bad for the campaign and its goals.

Also, this procedure is one of the means of fraud and sends the message that the public sector is not qualified to do Bdorfaal industrial process and this approach leads to devote import and continued freezing of customs tariff absent originally.

We draw to the minister's remarks Industry capacity of the ministry to compete with foreign goods, on condition that the application of the customs tariff and the protection of the national product and the lack of support for the dollar exchange rate law, to enable our industry to compete with foreign goods.

If Iraq was importing worth ($ 65 billion) and lowered this Agaymhan through domestic production by half meaning We will provide more than ($ 30 billion) by which to avoid the resulting inability to lower oil resources or of the war effort and this is what enhances our potential.

We need to benefit from international experiences in order to avoid failure and decline of the past and this is what suffered most of the third world countries .... .. popular boycott of goods should be not based on political reactions to pour in the second column for the benefit of exporters.

It is based on the program (made in Iraq) away from the agendas of exporters and importers Valaraca National Product prefer Ahina and puts it in brackets even though it was more expensive and this a fundamental pillar of the industry is required to devote this culture.

Food industry and through its laboratories and so in other areas Ktsnaa construction materials that rely on raw materials available

This process embodies the import challenge process and catalyst qualitative and quantitative development in the national product if it has practical and scientific origins to compete for the positive creative Importers employs so their assets and expertise in the industry, agriculture and services after the national product proves its usefulness.