The resumption of the distribution of the salaries of staff in the province of Kurdistan

By Shaimaa Mohammed

7 hours ago

Roudao - Erbil

Resume the Ministry of Finance in the Kurdistan Regional Government, next Monday, the employees' salaries for the month of September September distribution.

The ministry said in a statement Roudao network media received a copy of it on Saturday, that he "will be in on Monday 21/12/2015 the salaries of the month of September to the staff of the Ministry of Peshmerga in Kurdistan Regional Government distribution."

The ministry announced that it has completed the employees' salaries for the month of August last distribution on Thursday 10/12/2015.

And witnessing the distribution of employees' salaries and Almqaeidin in Kurdistan process delayed due to the financial crisis in the region, due to the deduction of Baghdad Kurdistan's share of the public finances of the country's budget, or sent incomplete.