Water Resources complaining about the budget for 2016 and warns of problems with companies

​Complained and the Ministry of Water Resources of the lack of allocations from the 2016 budget, which amounts to 98 billion dinars.
Said Mehdi Rashid, Minister of Water Resources adviser, told all of Iraq [where], "The budget of the ministry for the year 2016 is not sufficient," noting that "the year [2015], allocated to the ministry 300 billion have not received them is 10% and this year the budget of the ministry less than 100 billion, reaching 98 billion dinars, while the ministry allocations of more than two billion. "
He stressed that "this budget is sufficient which leads to problems with the work of the ministry as it city for many companies as well as project stopped."
He said Rashid said "this big problem, and the problems of the Iraqi state, all for the lack of allocations as well as being heavily indebted."
The House of Representatives has approved in its meeting last Wednesday of next year's budget in 2016 with a total expenditure of more than 105 trillion and 890 billion dinars, representing a deficit of 22.8%.
The total revenue which 81 trillion and 700 billion dinars oil revenues, which accounted for 69 trillion and 773 billion dinars The increase of 85.1% of total revenues.
The non-oil revenues amounted to more than 11 trillion and 927 billion dinars The increase of 13.6% of total revenues.
And formed the current expenditures [operating] a salary and other more than 80 trillion dinars, and increase of 76% [of total expenditures 105 trillion dinars] while capital expenditures were more than 25 trillion dinars, and increase of 23.8% .