Barzani reveals foiled a major attack to Daash to bring down the region

The chairman of the Kurdistan region, Massoud Barzani, for thwarting a major military offensive to Daash terrorist gangs to bring down the province, "pointing out that this attack had been prepared by Daash a month ago."
He said Barzani said in a statement received by the agency all of Iraq [where], a copy of "the steadfastness of our people and tournaments Beshmrkina at all stages and difficult days, became the reason for the survival of the people of Kurdistan brought always the head, after the unjust war imposed on the people of Kurdistan from the presence of terrorists, the enemies of morality and humanity; Peshmerga forces defended the RVF and defeated the legendary Ptdhyatea Daash raised eyebrows the world, in light of the sacrifices of the Peshmerga consider all humanity respect and appreciation to the people of Kurdistan now. "
"In the past few days, defeated the Peshmerga in several epics unrivaled Last attempts of terrorists to attack on the soil of Kurdistan, and caused serious damage to the enemy, the battle lasted 24 hours Daash in the broadest way, and the best power, arming and using a large number of mined wheels tried to set on the Peshmerga, and is considered This is the largest terrorist attack, attack, have prepared themselves to him for a month. "
And pointed out that "the Peshmerga defeated Daash in all axes, and applaud them, and their sacrifices and courage matter of pride, I also thank the people of Kurdistan steadfast that supports the Peshmerga and who have raised their children on the courage and strength and love of the homeland, to defend the homeland and the soil, and thank the support air support to the international coalition forces, which It supported the Kurdish Peshmerga in the battles. "
And between Barzani "The terrorists wanted to Aahjmwa on the day of the Kurdistan flag of Kurdistan, and remove the flag from the lion's den, but the imagination of the terrorists and enemies fleeting, as we know will never be folded and the Peshmerga and the championship mettle of our people, and will remain flying high."
He expressed his feeling "their great loss constellation of the Peshmerga, Vchhadthm was a great loss for all of us, and with the death of all the Peshmerga and the loss of his soul, my heart gets wounded, but I am a believer that the pure blood of the martyrs of the righteous will lead Kurdistan to D-Day, and deepen our commitment to our land and homeland and the fate of the people of Kurdistan , blood of our martyrs is the subject of the elevation and the victory of the people of Kurdistan, the sacrifices and the redemption of those dear urges us all to stick to the legitimate cause of our people, strengthens the will of the people of Kurdistan to confront the enemies and achieve the final victory. "
The US Army Col. Steve Warren, said yesterday that a battalion of about 500 terrorist gangs of Daash, attacked the Kurdish front line in the north of Iraq and Achtrkoha at three locations before discontinued and repel in Daash largest military operation in Iraq since the seven Ochehr.