The religious authority: the regional states take into account their own interests without regard for the interests of the Iraqi

Karbala / Baghdad News / .. Alaa confirmed the religious authority, on Friday, that the regional and international countries taking into account their own interests without regard to Iraqi interests. He supported the religious authority, Sheikh Abdul Mahdi al-Karbalai during Friday sermon in Karbala and attended / Baghdadi News /, that "international and local parties seek behind the benefits and interests, which does not match with the Iraqi interest, and work away from the local and regional schemes aimed at splitting the country and turn it into a mini-states Rival endless conflicts. "
He Karbalai to "the efforts of the armed forces and the support of volunteers from the provinces and the sons of the tribes and the various Iraqi sects in the battlefields," praising the "liberation of most of the city of Ramadi of terrorists Daash organization."
He asked "the government to provide all necessary facilities to facilitate and simplify the families of martyrs transactions," but he also said that "what we hear from the families of the martyrs saddened all of what ails those families of pressure in the collection of entitlement because of red tape and family problems that transmit without access to Msthakathm.