We were: political disputes have affected negatively on the legislation of laws and sovereignty of the country

MP Kanna that many States supported Iraq in its demand to respect the sovereignty, calling blocs and political parties to unify their positions and diplomatic efforts in order to keep the country's sovereignty.
He said we were in a press statement told all of Iraq [where], that "there is confusion within the political blocs and the positions of uncoordinated and individual, affected negatively on the sovereignty and stability of the country," noting that "this confusion is the main reason the state of the country from the crisis, the most important crisis, the fall of Mosul ".
And the end of the last legislative term, he replied, "The Parliament walked steps not too bad but it is not at the required level, because the basic laws of the political agreement did not accomplish."
He added that "the basic laws the task and that her relationship institutionalized state and the achievement of social justice, such as, oil and gas laws, and accountability and justice, and the prohibition of the Baath Party, and the Federal Court, did not proceed because of the wills of the political authorities and leaders of the blocs that have blocked legislation that important laws." He is stressing that "Parliament was in the last legislative term more serious and more disciplined and committed to."