Iraqi Prime Minister Describes “Saudi Coalition” as Paper Coalition

​Iraq Prime Minister Haider al_Abadi says that Saudi announcement of the formation of the “Islamic military alliance” to combat Daesh (ISIS), without consulting Iraq, is a paper coalition. Abadi said on the sidelines of a meeting with a group of young volunteers from various segments of society on Thursday: “We are facing great challenges in the field of terrorism and the decline in oil prices and the fight against corruption. We have strategies to deal with them”, asserting that, “Daesh terrorism threatens the society and must be addressed,” IraqiNews reported.
Concerning the alliance announced by Saudi Arabia, Abadi was quoted at the announcement of this alliance as saying: “We demanded these countries to help Iraq since a year and a half and there was not any help.”
Abadi described “The formation of this coalition as not real,” noting that “It is a paper coalition; our contacts with a number of countries have shown unwillingness to contribute to military forces.”
Today Lebanon's Hezbullah group on Thursday denounced this week's announcement of a new Saudi-led "Islamic military alliance" and the Lebanese prime minister's decision to join it. The Shiite militant group also accused the Sunni kingdom of practicing "state terrorism" and spreading extremist ideology.
Saudi Arabia this week announced its new alliance of 34 nations. It’s a formation, Saudi leaders say, with one purpose: fighting terrorists “whatever their doctrine.” But that’s just the spin. In reality, this Sunni alliance isn’t designed to defeat ISIS, And based on Saudi Arabia’s history of using terrorist groups — including al-Qaeda — as proxies, this announcement is troubling.