National calls for doubling the role of integrity and financial control to monitor the implementation of the budget

He called the head of the National Coalition Kadhim al-Shammari, a doubling of the oversight role of the Integrity Commission and the Board of Supreme Audit to follow up on the actual implementation of the 2016 budget next year.
Al-Shammari said, in a statement received by the agency all of Iraq [where], a copy of "federal budget for 2016 is an exceptional budget and expenditures are limited largely as a result of economic conditions experienced by the country, therefore, everything is where it is important and represents a minimum of need Wi-manipulation institutions or Tamoaa which will lead to damage to double ominous. "
He said, "My displaced persons and support the crowd People are the most significant since both were humane and crucial for the country's condition, and the allocations established for them as a whole is sufficient and this makes us in front of the necessities of an urgent need to follow up the process of delivering all the assignments in a timely manner to ensure that for any cases of corruption or confusion and procrastination, as happened in the previous budget." .
Shammari pointed to "the importance of increasing the role of the Integrity Commission and the Office of Financial Supervision and parliamentary committees competent in this matter, to follow up the implementation of the vocabulary of the budget to ensure the maximum benefit we wish them."
The House of Representatives has approved in its meeting last Wednesday, the next year's budget in 2016 with a total expenditure of more than 105 trillion and 890 billion dinars, representing a deficit of 22.8%.
The total revenue which 81 trillion and 700 billion dinars oil revenues, which accounted for 69 trillion and 773 billion dinars The increase of 85.1% of total revenues.
The non-oil revenues amounted to more than 11 trillion and 927 billion dinars The increase of 13.6% of total revenues.
And formed the current expenditures [operating] a salary and other more than 80 trillion dinars, and increase of 76% [of total expenditures 105 trillion dinars] while capital expenditures were more than 25 trillion dinars, and increase of 23.8%.
The budget included a share of the Kurdistan region by 17% according to the oil agreement between Baghdad and Arbel.anthy