Parliamentary Legal: We are working to reduce the exceptions to the amnesty law and an adjustment to Article 4 terrorism


Saturday, December 19 0.2015

Legal Committee of Parliament declared that Article 4 of terrorism contained in the draft of the amnesty law has not been in any amendment was subject to discussions at all.

A member of the committee MP Ali al-Murshidi in a press statement today that "the Legal Committee of the Parliamentary intends to offer a general amnesty law to a vote in the new legislative term sessions ". "The bill, which has read the first reading and the second, is ready from a legal point of vote after the drafting of amendments to the paragraphs relating to the exceptions."

He added that "there are efforts adopted by most of the parliamentary blocs to reduce the number of exceptions in the amnesty bill year, pointing out that" all the blocks agree on the non-inclusion of terrorist criminals of the amnesty law.

"He said the" Article 4, terrorism has not been in any amendment did not subject at all of the discussions, nor allow those who have been imprisoned according to that article to release him or commutation of the sentence with him.

"The House of Representatives ended last month reading Second draft general amnesty law before deciding the presidency of parliament to postpone the vote until further notice for the continuation of political differences.