Some criticized the approach route of the other thwart Abadi: We stopped the encroachment of Daash of the bay

18 12 2015
Mashreq - the news section:
Criticized Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi "Islamic" military alliance led by Saudi Arabia, announced recently in the fight against terrorist gangs Daash. He Abadi, according to a statement his office, during his speech at a meeting with a group of young voluntary from various segments of society, surprise at the announcement of the Saudi alliance. "Adding that" the two countries that fighting the terrorism, namely Iraq and Syria is in existence, how will fight this alliance terrorism and we demanded of these countries with the help of Iraq a year ago and a half and there was not any help ?! ". He added Abadi he was" not for the sacrifices of Iraqis and the advisory opinion Sayyed Ali al-Sistani jihad Ulkipaia have been Daash in the Gulf because we we stopped Daash of the bay and the region creep and have achieved victories on it. "He ruled out Abadi, that" the army component of this real coalition but paper and media because our contacts with a number of countries have shown unwillingness to contribute to military forces in this alliance. "With regard to the entry of Turkish troops Abadi said" Iraq is refusing to enter these forces position and there are contradictory statements of officials of Turkish and we have many steps to be taken successively " . He pointed out that "the US side and by US Vice President Joe Biden at our request and confirmed his country's support for Iraq's position and refused entry of these forces to Iraq without the knowledge of the Iraqi government and that he would vote with Peshkoth Iraq to Turkey in the UN Security Council." The prime minister pointed out that "wrestle and differences among us does not lead to the construction and reconstruction and reform", criticizing the approach that some other route of the foil and obstruction of work because it is considered a success for the government and even in the area where the war damage it.