Khatib Juma Green Zone surprised by the adoption of the price of a barrel of oil and $ 45 warns of a large collapse of Iraq's economy

2015-12-18 21:36:16 | (Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad / Firas Alcirbesa

Surprised in front of the Friday sermon preacher, Green Zone, Mr. Hussein Almrobei, on Friday, how the House of Representatives voted to adopt the price for the sale of oil is exaggerated in the 2016 budget of $ 45 per barrel while the price of a barrel globally on the same day of the vote on the budget did not exceed $ 35, calling on the government to attract the money saved in the homes of citizens, calling for the granting of the budget authority to Add allocations by 2.3 trillion for defense and interior ministries, stressing the refusal to deduct any portion of employees and pensions, and about the assault the Government of Nigeria on its citizens, it has denounced and condemned Almrobei assault brutal the Government of Nigeria on unarmed citizens amid wondrous silence of the international community and international human rights organizations, describing this behavior as remember what he was doing Baath Party regime in Iraq previously.

Mr. Hussein Almrobei said from the rostrum of the Mosque of al-Zahra in the capital Baghdad Green Zone "after it has been the adoption of the 2016 budget record several observations which we thank the House of Representatives to approve the budget before the end of the year and this has not happened in previous years and we hope that this matter be fixed context for budgets next the fact that the delay affects the economy, projects and lead to a financial loss may sometimes up to billions of dollars each month of delay. "

He Almrobei "surprised by how the House of Representatives voted to adopt a price for the sale of oil exaggerated of $ 45 per barrel while the price of a barrel globally on the same day of the vote on the budget did not exceed $ 35. This means that nearly a quarter of oil revenues are calculated in the budget will be added to deficit meaning that the deficit will increase from 23 trillion to 40 trillion This is a very large deficit and threatens significant economic tremor in the country this to impose that oil prices have not less than $ 35 per barrel either if less as Mtwaqa, the deficit will increase more and this will cause great embarrassment and lack of the ability to repay domestic and foreign loans as a loan the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund and the Japanese loan and the like from other loans that have contributed to bridging the fiscal deficit, because one of the main channels for the payment of these funds is the abundance developments of the increase in crude oil prices and the case that the oil prices on the decline, not in excess of Price installer in the budget. "

He Almrobei "We call on the government to attract the money saved in the homes of citizens and which are, according to the central bank statement, 77% of Iraqi currency in circulation today in the markets by encouraging and stimulating citizen of the Optional saving benefits of encouraging, rather than external borrowing adoption as a source of financing the budget deficit This is emphasized by the good reference and attract these large funds will contribute to reviving the economy and invest these funds in order to serve the development plans. "

He called Almrobei granting the validity of budget allocations by adding 2.3 trillion for defense and interior ministries through the issuance of treasury transfers from state employees retirement fund and that "this disturbing step affect the balance of the pension fund, especially with the decline from previous years."

And between Almrobei "budget did not rely on the standard population ratio precise manner in the distribution of financial resources to the provinces and did not take into account the great pressure on some provinces experiencing Magdy Rady Kmhafezta Visits Najaf and Karbala."

He revealed Almrobei that one of the most important channels to cover the deficit also increased oil exports and was supposed to bind the Federal Government and the Government of the Territory when for delivery of public revenues to the Treasury account this increase in addition to the need to settle the entitlements between the province and the federal government from 2004 to 2015 the adoption of the Office of the previous fiscal oversight reports in 2014 it provides clear disclosure about the extent of compliance and details of imports and how much of it was handed over to the center. "

He Almrobei that "despite repeated alerted to refuse the deduction of any proportion of employees and pensions, the budget this year deducted 3% of employees and pensions and imposed taxes on Kartat charging phones and which also harm the citizens the fact that companies take these taxes from citizens and imposed is that obliges Contact the government not to deduct these taxes from citizens and companies in any case it is possible to provide for the financing of the popular crowd instead of the deductions from employees' salaries alternative resources. "

With regard to assault the Government of Nigeria on its citizens, he said Almrobei "deplore and condemn the brutal assault of the Government of Nigeria on unarmed citizens amid the silence of wondrous from the international community and organizations, international human rights and what crime these in order to kill so wholesale and bury the mass graves and tractors crammed and if they are not human beings, there is no respect for the integrity even Muslim dead who should bury his family to respect and whether to hold one of the Muslims of the doctrine of household crime does love them and practice of rituals that glorify Muhammad and Muhammad crime I do not know how these same governments Bamuslimh and the Muslim call from him people from his hand and tongue. "

He Almrobei "in Nigeria led to commit such follies and in this way by governments against their own citizens, and this reveals the extent of the fear of the Shiite tide and reminds us of the revolution martyrs Sadrain in Iraq and how committed the buried Saddam's their right and the right of their followers deadliest crimes and I am sure that relief is coming with his permission and that which occurs Today in the Shiite Ahl al-Bayt peace be upon them in Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain or Yemen or in any part of the world but it is before the eyes of the greatest guardian and sure this blood cherished pave debut Sharif in the near future and that those bastards murderers but destroying their homes into their own hands and that these injustices get in Nigeria but is an extension of the great sufferings of Ashura in the curriculum and that these tyrants is the same approach over and quickly break down their thrones in the fire of hell as unjust nations collapsed Valsnn divine. "
BAGHDAD / Firas Alcirbesa