Interior Minister: Daash lost its grip and efforts are continuing to withdraw Turkish troops

1812 2015

Interior Minister Mohammed Salem Al Ghabban, said Daash gangs terrorist [lost its grip, and can not Almquaomh.oukal Ghabban in a press statement, said that "40% of the areas occupied by Daash liberated, and now they are losing their grip and can not resistance, the more we have a process we are the liberalization of that area. "

On the entry of Turkish troops to northern Iraq, Ghabban said, "We are continuing to negotiate political, diplomatic and continuing our efforts to persuade the Turkish army and the Turkish government to withdraw because this is a violation of Iraq's sovereignty."

He added that "the response of Turkish officials is that their presence is for training only, and emphasize it clearly that even though there was a need for training must be to be in line with the laws and through a formal request from the Iraqi federal government, and therefore, any presence of otherwise unacceptable." .

He is scheduled to hold a UN Security Council meeting on Friday to discuss the complaint submitted by Iraq last week about the entry of Turkish troops north of the country.

The Iraqi government has made in the 11 of this month, an official complaint to the UN Security Council to take action against Turkish troops in the north of the country without the knowledge and consent of the government, demanding the issuance of orders for Turkey to withdraw its troops immediately and to make sure all available means of the withdrawal of those forces on the spot and unconditionally, to the borders of the two countries internationally recognized.

For his part, announced the Security Council, Iraq received a complaint against Turkey claiming violation of the provisions and principles of the UN Charter.

And he confirmed the current President of the Security Council, US Ambassador to the United Nations Samantha Power, said the Security Council's position stresses the "need for the approval of the Government of Iraq to the deployment of any troops on its territory."

What was seen as ambassadors of the permanent members of the Security Council to Baghdad five countries, the entry of Turkish troops in violation of the sovereignty of Iraq, and stressed their countries to reject such a breach and violation by the Turkish side, and pledged to support Iraq's position within the Security Council. According to a statement of the Iraqi Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

It is noteworthy that, Turkey, published on the fourth of this month in Bashiqa military forces from the outskirts of Mosul in northern Iraq.

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