Economic Analyst: Investment Law limits the corruption and the government is required to implement

1812 2015

Stressed economic analyst David Zayer, the investment rate law limits the cases of corruption in the granting of land for Msttmaren.oukal Zayer told all of Iraq [where], that "the amendment sufficient investment law as a law to attract investment," adding that "the government is required to implement the law for the purpose of attracting investors ".

He added that "the rate of advanced laws in the world and not in the region, according to the law, but that has not been implemented, does not have the benefit of" calling to do a "campaign of the way the implementation of this law, but it is not of any value to the national economy."

Zayer and pointed out that "law limits the subject of ratios because it made the price of land for the tenant, after it was free," stressing that "this will reduce the corruption that will be operating the land for a price."

The House of Representatives voted to approve the 27 of October last, the second amendment to the Investment Law No. 13 of 2006 law, promised for the economic and investment commission in Parliament to amend the law that will open the doors wide to the Iraqi industry, "emphasizing" the need to end the phenomenon of red tape in the government and state institutions for the implementation of the law. "

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