UN resolution to drain Daash funding sources and to punish backers

December 18, 2015
The adoption of UN Security Council unanimously adopted a resolution aimed at drying the financing of terrorist gangs Daash sources. He met Finance Minister of State and the 15 members of the Security Council, on Thursday, for the first time in New York to adopt this resolution.

The aim of the text of the technical decision, which is located in a 28-page prepared by Moscow and Washington, to control Daash.

The resolution seeks to clamp down on billions of dollars obtained by Daash gangs of trafficking in a lot of resources in the vast territory occupied by Iraq and Syria.

The resolution calls on member states to "move actively and decisively to cut the funds and other economic resources of gangs Daash and to punish the financial backers of the group even stronger."

States are also invited to make the financing of terrorism "serious crime in their national laws," even in the absence of any link to a specific terrorist act, to intensify the exchange of information in this regard, including between governments and the private sector.

He noted US Treasury Secretary "if Jacob", who chaired the session, noted that the decision "complements the previous procedures and enhances existing tools."

"It's an important step, but the real test will be to move the design to be implemented," calling in particular to "deepen cooperation with partners in the private sector."