Economist: next year's budget deficit will increase and unusual for more than half

Date: 12/17/2015 18:22 65

Information / BAGHDAD / ..

Said economist Abdul Rahman al-Mashhadani, Thursday, that the budget approved by parliament on Wednesday unusual, noting that the deficit will increase to more than half.

He said al-Mashhadani, told / information /, that "the budget approved by the parliament yesterday m unusual for a country in a state of war, and that its main objectives are to perpetuate the battle waged by Iraq against terrorism."

He added that "the House of Representatives and the government did not announce their targets to the public directly, and the budget deficit is set at $ 21 billion, while it's not well," expected "the increase in the deficit up to $ 45 billion."

He said al-Mashhadani, "The reason for the expected increase in the deficit is calculated wrong to sell a barrel of oil, which has been calculated at $ 45, while Iraq has decided to sell oil for the month of February next at $ 27."

He explained that "The oil ministry will not be able to produce three million and six hundred barrels a day, according to the budget" .anthy / 25 m