Economist calls to challenge the general budget law

Date: 12/18/2015 11:20 64

Information / BAGHDAD / ..

Economic expert called full-Qaisi, on Friday, to appeal to the general budget for the 2016 law, criticizing caving in the House of Representatives for "pressure" on the Kurdistan Alliance, the region's share.

Said Qaisi told / information / "The House of Representatives unfortunately underwent this pressure from some quarters is Kurdish, in a move them to distort the draft budget," explaining that "objections to the budget by the rule of law and some lawmakers other evidence that the region's share exaggerated ".

He called Qaisi "the political blocs fighting for the advancement of the Iraqi reality to challenge the budget and re-considered," pointing out that "the Kurdistan region has many illegal resources such as oil smuggling to Turkey and the acquisition of the border crossing points in the region and other revenues."

The House of Representatives approved last Wednesday the General Budget Law value of 105 trillion dinars while retaining the share of the Kurdistan region of Iraq, amounting to 17% .anthy / 25