Parliamentary Finance reveal important details in the budget of 2016 .. including the reduction of grades in the Prime Minister's Office

17 12 2015
BAGHDAD / new evidence
Parliamentary Finance Committee revealed important details of the amendments and transfers in the doors of the draft financial budget bill for the year 2016.ccant Commission announced yesterday the completion of the prepared budget and included in the parliament session to vote Alleha.oukalt committee member Majda al-Tamimi «was completed budget preparation and there is almost agreed upon, but to rule out that there are changes in them because of political pressure ».opent that« the transfers were in support of the displaced and popular crowd and got other transfers but are not important to remember »indicating that« these transfers was the abolition of disarmament material was transferred 100 billion dinars after it was 200 billion was imposed to cancel these allocations have been transferred to the crowd and displaced ».ofattt to, that« the prime minister Haider al-Abadi was also surprised these allocations and this hardly surprising us also not to his knowledge by ».ooodan Tamimi, said that« the other half which is 100 billion dinars will be allocated for the salaries of members Awakening and support councils in Diyala province, but the existence of these councils in other provinces are for electoral purposes because it owns the headquarters of the cars as they sat in their homes ».utabat that« Some argued to keep these customizations to liquidate these councils and We question the existence of the numbers listed for Awakening and Duana to turn them in the popular crowd but This collides with an increase of their salaries to more than 500 000 dinars ».oohart to« fee to taxes on products imported Kalmhrobat alcoholic and tobaccos and cigarettes and the imposition of 5% of the car registration ». She said a member of the financial parliamentary« waiting for the activation of customs tariff »indicating that« disable this tariff to the presence of people influential in imports prevented the implementation of the tariff is significant damage to the product and national industry »adding that« traders dominating the market are top-ranking politicians »in the Colha.uan foreign loans in the budget showed Tamimi« foreign loans remained the same but we have tried to rely on Interior Loans ».ofattt that« there are materials were added in the budget, and we met the prime minister last Saturday, and approved by, but do not rule out that there will be an appeal, and I personally want that gets an official letter to this approval shall remain verbal ».uan budget presidency said Tamimi« It was reduced budget presidency twice and she was 56.4 billion dinars, and where violations degrees career Graduate degree [a] high and the degree of [b] thus been reduced to 54 billion dinars, but two days ago been reduced also to 50 billion dinars, and the reduction of $ 6.4 billion »She added «also got a reduction on the staffs of functional degrees to reduce the upper class [a] to 23 degrees of the 49 either class [b] was reduced to 14 degrees of the 26» and praised «the great cooperation of the Presidency of the Republic the reductions». As prime minister, she stressed member Finance Committee «lowering of grades in the Director of the Office of Prime Minister» indicating that «the rules of procedure for prime minister it contains to be director of the Office of the Prime Minister the rank of minister therefore must also be in the presidency and parliament, a minister and that we intercepted it was reduced degree position to the Undersecretary of the Ministry Although our desire was reducing it to the Director General ».oohart to« form a sub-committee in the parliamentary finance committee to review all the cadres of the state for the existence of the privileges her private higher grades to delete some of them until reaching the ideal number of degrees ».opent that« some owners of these higher grades came in accordance with the political quota system and when the audit did not find them circles and there specialization adviser very far from the Protein content in which the place and those we took out a lot of them and has a service shall be retired and does not have the service acted his reward or moved to a place of specialization when needed ».utabat he« has been reduced power budget judicial significantly by the Ministry of Finance where she was 570 billion dinars were reduced to 400 billion and this is a very significant reduction «indicating that« this reduction was from the ministry and the Finance Committee. »