Shahristani meet with the British ambassador in Baghdad and with him looking to develop joint cooperation

Iraq today / beauty Bureau
He met with the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Hussain al-Shahristani, the British ambassador in Baghdad Frank Baker.
Shahristani said during the meeting, "The Iraqis are determined to achieve victory in their battle against the forces of darkness and overcome all the current circumstances in the country, stressing the ability of the security forces and the popular crowd to defeat terrorism Aldaasha in every inch of the land of Iraq." During the meeting they discussed the overall political and security situation in the Iraqi arena and the region, as well as the development of cultural and scientific cooperation between Iraqi universities and British counterparts, and benefit from their experiences in the development of the education sector Ala.otnaol the meeting, the possibility of opening new horizons and bridges to increase communication between educational institutions of both countries