President of the Republic calls to take advantage of the expertise and planning for the development of domestic production


In the presence of President of the Republic and a number of officials on Wednesday opened the conference {} support the national industry of the Ministry of Industry and Minerals. A statement from the Presidency of the Republic that "infallible stressed during a speech on this occasion the importance of this conference will be a successful step process to bid farewell to a final rentier economy, and put the right basis for the advancement of the national industry to be one of the foundations of the renaissance of the Iraqi economy." He said the president was "not necessary to renew and develop the means of production through scientific planning, visualization and the right to benefit from the expertise and experience accumulated by the sister and friendly countries of which converge manufacturing experiences and circumstances with our experiences and our circumstances." And between infallible that "the Ministry of Industry and Minerals bring national product able to compete in the domestic market first," pointing out that "it is development in production and marketing, and perhaps the responsibilities a lot of the ministries that help in the national product is good and appropriate support, and not being the growing tide spending on imported products before our ministries. " He called for the "adoption studies cooperate in academic research institutions and national experts with the Ministry of Industry to reach required to address these problems and other solutions."