3 regiments of tribal volunteers are preparing to break into the gray and Daash running suicide bombers

2015 16 12

I arrived three regiments of tribal fighters in the northern sector of the city of Ramadi, which is waiting for the zero hour for the direct operation to storm the city center. Daash waging suicide attacks to open the gaps to ensure the flight of its leaders and its components to outside Ramadi.
In the axis security forces embarked on the process of liberalization of the southern areas of Fallujah and managed to free one of the villages and the center Nuaimiya police and raising the Iraqi flag over his building southeast of Fallujah.

No longer controlled Daash only three neighborhoods are not important in the northern parts of gray. The militants may regulation within one week of their influence centers in the southern, western and central Ramadi.
Said Ghassan Ithawi, commander of the tribes of Anbar province fighters, (range Press), "The three regiments of Anbar tribes fighters arrived Wednesday morning to the northern sector of the city of Ramadi, to enhance the security presence and the maintenance of the land liberated," noting that "this force is preparing to break into the city center after Announcement of the Supreme zero hour security leaders in Baghdad. "
Ithawi He added that "the tribal fighters have combat experience in detecting the movement of elements of al Daash They are familiar with agricultural and desert their regions and gaps in it."
On the other hand, Chairman of the Board announced the killing of Khalidiya spend 0.14 Daash element of organization and the bombing of four car bombs driven by suicide bombers as they tried to attack on the security headquarters, east of Ramadi.
Ali said David in an interview with the (long-Presse), "The security forces were able, on Wednesday morning, the bombing of four car bombs driven by suicide bombers from the al-Daash and killed 14 element of the organization as they tried to attack on the army and police communities in the Husaybah area (20 km east gray) ". He added David "The army forces managed to destroy four additives to regulate Daash and the bombing of a truck carrying fuel for elements of the organization area Ataiwk, east of Ramadi, using ground missiles," asserting that "cleansing in the gray axes battles going on and organize Daash seeks through suicide attacks carried out by the open gaps to ensure the escape of its leaders and its components out of the gray. "
The security forces also foiled, on Tuesday evening, another attack was launched by the organization Daash on the eastern axis of the city of Ramadi, 15 by a suicide car bomb.
Furthermore, management Ameriya Anbar province confirmed that the organization Daash attacked the car bombs and suicide bombers from two axes, as pointed out that the security forces imposed a total curfew in the south of Fallujah.
The head of the Council of Ameriya Shaker al-Issawi in an interview with the (long-Presse) that "the organization Daash attacked Ameriya (22 km south of Fallujah), car bombs and suicide bombers from two axes," noting that "the first axis of Alboudaaj area and the second axis of the area of ​​residence."
In the axis, the security forces began the liberation of southern districts of Fallujah operations to coincide with preparations for the declaration of endorsement gray.
A spokesman for the Baghdad Operations Command Brigadier General Saad Maan in a statement received (range Press), a copy of it, that "the Baghdad Operations Command began a wide process for the Liberation of South Fallujah areas after the completion of all the necessary arrangements on the ground and logistical and intelligence," noting that "the first band in the leadership of operations Baghdad managed to free Nuaimiya police station and raising the Iraqi flag over his building southeast of Fallujah. "
He added Maan, "The sixth band managed to free the village of Ma'ameer there at the same time the band reached the hordes of 17 to the front edge grove Amiriyat al-Tikriti, east of Fallujah."
In the eastern side of Fallujah, security forces repulsed the three suicide bombers tried to attack the security headquarters near the structures area, according to a security source, speaking for "long-Press."
The source said that "security forces killed three suicide bombers wearing explosive belts of the elements of the organization Daash as they tried to target the headquarters of the security forces near the university structures site, (14 km east of Fallujah)," noting that "has been killed suicide bombers and blow them up before they arrive to the vicinity of the target military headquarters."