Mixtures: allocate five billion barrels of oil to the Basra province in the budget of 2016


MP for the province of Basra in a block belonging to Hassan Khalati, on Wednesday, on the allocation of five billion of barrels of Basra oil to maintain the balance 2016.oukal Khalati in a press statement that "the allocation of five dollars from every barrel of oil issued by the province of Basra itself to maintain served by a lot in and the development of reality ", adding that" this matter will enhance the advancement of the province and carry out projects serve the visual citizen significantly. "He added that he" also will be allocated 50% of the imports of border crossings in the province of Basra itself to maintain. "
The decision of the parliamentary finance committee Ahmed al-Haj, stressed that the House of Representatives will vote at a meeting on Wednesday on the state budget for the year 2016 law, noting that it is not unlikely that political changes occur economic or about the budget .okan Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said in a statement that the real resources of the country fell by 60%, calling on the government to prepare the budget so that reduce the deficit to acceptable limits, which have been introduced in the inclusion of Almoisnh.oklv cabinet items first Tuesday a team of senior economic advisers; to provide paper deliberate economic measures to address the the effects of this decline on the federal budget for 2016 and on the Iraqi economy