Iraq is consistent with Armenia on the processing of industrial materials processing ration card items

2015 16 12
BAGHDAD - Baghdad News .. Minister of Trade and agency Mohamed Xiaa Sudanese agreed, on Wednesday, with Armenian Ambassador to Iraq Karen Krikorian is first on the bilateral cooperation between the two countries in economic, trade and cultural fields, calling at the same time Armenia to engage in a bidding processing of ration card items .

According to a ministry statement Baghdadi News received a copy of it, that "the Sudanese stressed during the meeting, the depth of the historical relationship between the Iraqi people and the Armenian to the presence of many participants in the social, cultural and economic aspects, as it represents Armenians who are in Iraq is an important part of the Iraqi people and his contributions to the community levels scientific, sports and cultural. "

The minister said according to the statement, to "pursue the ministry to activate the economic and trade cooperation between the two countries", adding that "there are great opportunities for companies to engage in the Armenian processing tenders ration card items especially oil material".

He pointed out "the possibility of creating a joint working with Armenian companies to cooperate in the field of development of trade in construction materials and auto trade ministry companies," noting that "it was agreed to send a delegation of Armenian companies to Iraq to see the opportunities and work areas available for investment in various sectors."

For his part, Armenian Ambassador "his country's desire to strengthen relations between the two countries and prospects for cooperation in many areas," noting that "there are preparations for the first meeting of the Iraqi Commission of Armenia on the first of January 2016 to discuss the prospects of cooperation between the two countries."

He said Krikorian, "the possibility of Armenia equip Iraq's various food and industrial and humanity and to facilitate their delivery easily being a member of the Federation of custom features a group of Asian countries and Aruba," adding that "the Armenian companies transporting their goods quickly and easily through Iran to Iraq through the central and southern ports."

Iraq and looked at the current time to search for new prospects of trade and economic relations with a number of foreign countries such as Armenia, China, Italy, Japan and the Czech Republic, France and other countries, especially after the decline of the economic relations between Iraq and Turkey, which have been up to $ 12 billion due to violation of Turkey's sovereignty Iraqi ground forces incursion in northern Iraq.