Invitations to complete the use of electronic payment systems


Banking sector to ensure the safe
BAGHDAD - Hussein al-Tamimi Tgb
Continue to talk about the advancement of the banking business in the country to suit the stage of economic transition, which is working to bring investment and wide in all sectors without exception, and this requires action bank provides prompt service and developed to suit the size of foreign capital coming into the country in huge amounts, which calls for international companies providing banking services to a high degree of sophistication, and here must work towards the transfer of technology from the developed world to create the field of banking developed, and requires it to provide the field of legislation could create a favorable environment to attract banking technology developed to help on the supply of foreign funds into the country.
Banking expert Samir Nasiri said in an interview (morning): The advancement of the banking sector requires a stop at the regimes of modern banking, pointing to the importance of discussing payment systems applied in the Iraqi Central Bank and the banking systems of modern applied in banks, as well as legislation and means of payment required legal in e-commerce , pointing to the importance of stress to speed up the issuance of the Law of the electronic payment systems, which had previously been approved and forwarded to the parliament saying that the law is an urgent need where spread electronic payment systems without that there will be legislation to regulate the process is causing problems with customers, mostly related to the lack of electronic signature led some banks to stop the process despite the availability of modern systems have.
He added that the absence of legislation to the most important problems of electronic payment systems, but it's not the only challenge there are problems of application and the other executive faced banks after the application of systems of modern banking there are operational risks, where we suffer from a stop in some cases, the programs in the event of worsening weather conditions as well as liquidity problems in the ATM because of the large cluster size of the Iraqi monetary As a result, we asked for changes to ATM machines to accommodate the largest amounts.
He continued, saying that the lack of awareness of the citizens of the importance of modern banking services and methods of use is the additional problem, which means the need to spread the culture of modern banking through the media, noting that electronic banking is a new service that entered Iraq recently and used depends on the extent shortened the time and cost, the two component attract two basic and without them would not accept service on the citizen or the banks.
He pointed out that the main problem in the electronic payment is to ensure that theft or reproduction of credit card information and ensure that the required amount to the recipient and therefore, we need laws to implement electronic signatures and encryption technology to ensure the security of transactions.
And about the kinds of electronic payment systems, shape optimization in Iraq, Nasiri: There are three types of systems are the advance payment such as credit card and immediate payment upon receipt and payment in advance, such as smart card indicating that the most suitable for the Iraqi situation is the method of payment in advance which can be accomplished via the Internet and can be implemented quickly in contrast to other methods. for that and added, we recommend urgently the need to coordinate the parties involved are state institutions, the legislature and banking institutions and (CBI) and the Association of Almtarv and services companies, mobile phones and the Internet with each other and form a central committee to coordinate and build projects, laws and official instructions of the proposed to ensure the success of electronic applications and to prevent an attempt to infiltrate and fraud and cyber crime, and we recommend the establishment of all private banks in cooperation with the Central Bank of Iraq in the application of payment systems as a leading online service quick serve the banking business and the emphasis on all the private banks the adoption of the banking systems of Interior and in line with developments and new technologies adopted in the countries of the world.