Major government corruption to be revealed every week

29/02/2012 18:42 BAGHDAD, Feb. 29 (AKnews) - Dozens of cases regarding administrative and financial corruption - including the loss of $5b from the Defense Ministry - will be revealed through weekly press conferences.

The House of Representatives' Integrity Commission will present official documents and give speeches about each file to shed light on the process of investigating corruption in all levels of ministries and state institutions.

Through the conferences the Iraqi public will learn how particular problems makes corruption easier, the process of pursuing corrupt officials and also failures to prosecute such cases.

The International Transparency Organization listed Iraq as the third worst country in the world for financial and administrative corruption during the last three years.

Commission member Hussein al-Asadi told AKnews "Official documents and speeches will be presented in addition to the most important measures taken by the Integrity Commission and the Supreme Judicial Council against the corruption files."

"This step aims to inform the public about the most important flaws in processing financial and administrative corruption, where we will show the weaknesses of the documents and investigate those responsible for failing to prosecute cases of corruption.

"This may be the Director-General, a minister who witnessed corruption, the commission investigators or even the Supreme Judicial Council, and all this will be based on official documents."

The first press conference will present three cases of corruption in the Ministry of Defense, from which around $5bn has disappeared in recent years.

Cases from the Ministry of Electricity and the Ministry of Justice, considered by Asadi as one of the most prominent corruption and embezzlement operations of all, will also be discussed.

A date for the conferences has not yet been set.

By Hussam Ali