Parliamentary reveals the corruption of some large budget items

16-12-2015 02:40 PM

Deputy for Anbar province, revealed the lack of information about the size of expenses for 2015 in the budget items

MP demanded Kharbit the formation of an Instant committee to stop working with some of the federal budget items for 2016 pointing to the need to form an Instant committee to stop working with some of the general budget for the existence of breaches of great corruption which related to knowledge of the Iraqi government expenses for 2015 items, noting that the text of the Constitution to submit a final report with statements such accounts they do not know the real size of the amount you've spent government in 2015

He stressed Kharbit on the need to inform the Ministry of Finance the remaining amount from the budget in 2015 for the purpose affixed and rotate to the next year's budget ', pointing out that' The information we have indicates that the government has more than $ 50 billion amount in banks JP Morenk English and other US banks'.