Parliamentary Economy: 9000 stalled project in Iraq because of corruption and "influential parties"


A commission parliamentary economy, on Tuesday, about the presence of 9000 stalled the project since 2005 and while confirming that the figures partisan influential acquired billions of money projects lagging, called economic experts to develop a strategy for all the different services and health sectors and arrange the necessary priority plans for the development of projects citizen directly serve.

As it indicated the existence of 400 projects will be canceled in the phase of the assignment, and made it clear that 6200 project REO operations corruption and mismanagement.
Said committee member economy parliamentary Nora Albjara in an interview for the "long" that "there is the 9000 approximately widespread project across Iraq stalled for years, of which some 400 projects will be canceled due to the financial crisis, and the 6200 project encountered several problems caused reluctance."
"The 6200 project is divided into 3 groups, the first group the proportion of implementation of 80 to 100%, and the second the percentage of implementation of 30 to 80%, while the third group does not exceed the rate of 20%."
She said Albjara that "the projects reach completion of 80 percentage to 100%, it, according to the Ministry of Planning permit, will complete the implementation and disbursement of the rest allocated to them according to the importance of the project amounts, given the economic situation, which is going through the country now, either projects that the proportion of implementation of 30 to 80% Planning has asked the provincial statement of the importance of the project of the service and its importance to the province. "
She stressed that "the allocation of $ 5 trillion dinars in the 2016 budget, to pay on credit for projects that link implementation rate of 30 to 80%, taking into account the geographical distribution of justice in both provinces."
She noted that "The percentage of projects implemented from zero to 30% is very difficult to currently funded and will be disposed of either by postponing work out to subsequent budgets, or are filtered by the Ministry of Planning."
He noted that "the economic and investment commission in Parliament, have had several meetings with most of the ministries to discuss a range of solutions to finance their projects, without relying on the state budget due to the circumstance extraordinary country, and the most prominent solutions sale or lease of land of the ministries, which is estimated thousands of acres to cover the investment costs of projects , as well as to encourage citizens to contribute also to finance some strategic projects, to achieve the amounts of money by subtracting the total of the shares. "
She said the "Committee for the economy made amendments to the amended investment law, most notably boils Pfsh area landowners investing through the establishment of the projects, which will encourage domestic production, and operates the hands of labor and increasing the provincial financial resources to a great extent."
Albjara reported that "more projects lagging faced a major corruption files are borne by the same ministries as well as provincial councils that bear the loss of billions of dinars through influential figures to cover up the work according to their personal interests."
And called for "the establishment of the Council or the Commission for Reconstruction for the implementation of these projects because most of the ministries are the Ministries of technical nothing to do with the establishment of projects, Kozara health and education."
And increased by saying, "must be held accountable all those who participated out corruption and wasting state funds, for there to be a deterrent for all spoilers."
In turn, the economic expert Maitham Laibi said in an interview for the "long" that "the accumulation of thousands of stalled government projects for several years without a real will by the government to open the files and find out the reasons for reluctance led to the loss of the country billions of dinars from the budgets of the successive state in previous years."
"The lack of a strategy for all the various service plans and health sectors random unintended reason in the order of critical priorities for the development of projects that directly serve the citizen."
He Laibi that "the law should do towards those responsible for the tenders and projects implemented by the companies breached their contracts, in return for an inventory of completed projects and find out and arrange them according to rates specified levels to develop appropriate solutions to them."
And between that "it is possible to study the completion of each project proportions and if there is reasonable can state sale of these projects with land constructed by individuals or companies, or the introduction of a partner with the state for this purpose in order to get rid of the financial burden for the state."
"The formation of specialized committees to evaluate these projects and the percentage of completion and dispose of them as the case with the submission of proposals and appropriate solutions can contribute to reducing the cost of achievement of the government and accelerate the achievement process to take advantage of them."