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Kurdistan: We will vote on the budget despite our reservations on many of its clauses

Since 12/15/2015 20:32 pm (Baghdad time)

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Confirmed the Kurdistan Alliance, on Tuesday, it will vote on the budget which will be presented on the agenda, the meeting despite the reservation to several paragraphs in it.

The MP said the Kurdistan Alliance Bakhtiar's Shaways / scales News / "The Kurdish blocs in parliament has many reservations on the budget, which has become a running things, not the budget."

Shaways said that "among the reservations of the Kurds to balance the lack of allocations to the province of Halabja and the allocation of the Peshmerga and other things", stressing at the same time that "the Kurdistan Alliance will vote on the budget despite reservations about it."

This, "said the National Alliance MP Ali Safi, on Tuesday, the House of Representatives will vote tomorrow on the financial budget law for 2016" .anthy 29/33 h