Trade: seeking to increase resources companies to find alternative projects and private sector development skills

2015 12 15
Iraq today / beauty Bureau
Mohamed Xiaa Sudanese - Minister of Trade and agency, that "the Ministry of Commerce, is working to create new mechanisms to develop the work of its companies and its departments .. in light of the reform plan supervised by the Iraqi government .. by increasing its resources, and rely on investment projects, and in different directions ,
And the transfer of our ministry informing, more Sudanese interview, and said: "between the Sudanese, that the face of all the ministry's companies, finding alternative sources, and research in new investment projects, take into consideration, the role of the Ministry of Commerce in the economic file and the advancement of management by the economy," and the ways in which he found Sudanese, capable of progress in these files: "The minister held, meetings and meetings with specialists and public administrations in each company, for discussion on the subject of the search for new resources, and the transition to work from the narrow border which relate to the ration cards to large projects, from which management of the business situation and the development of the private sector skill and increase its expertise, and this is what bears the responsibility of the Ministry of Commerce ", and the disadvantages of preoccupation with the ministry to" ration card ", the Sudanese people:" The work on the ration card project, the ministry lose many aspects of its work in various disciplines service of , especially since the ministry Law, granted the powers of the development of economic and trade relations, and the management of shared agreements file, and memorandums of understanding, as well as the representation of Iraq in the economic and commercial attaché ", and look at the general minister of the ministry, read about in the end Manglh us Source:" The work of the ministry in which significant expansion through service companies that are related to people's needs, and desires, such as construction and automobiles, as well as trade fairs and services that aspire to be in another way .. by major international companies and businessmen to attract, to establish a partnership with the Iraqi private sector, and support construction projects and investment that the government is working to develop, according to the broadest ranges, after becoming a greater need for investment and the most important and comprehensive .. in light of the low oil prices to dangerous levels. "