Karbala attracts investment companies to implement service projects

2015 12 15
The provinces with the expectation that the 2016 tougher for the current year in the provision of their allocated budgets as a result of the outcome of the oil prices in world markets, the province of Karbala is seeking to attract and Iranian Chinese companies to implement projects in a way payment on credit, at a time when the province of Basra to attract capital.

The head of the provincial council in Karbala Nassif Jassem rhetorical in a statement »Sabah» after a meeting with the Director and members of the company (MAX), who is visiting the Chinese maintain that the aim of the visit is to see the investment opportunities and projects that can be implemented.

He added that the meeting discussed how to implement the projects in a way payment on credit, noting that the province made commitments and guarantees of security and financial to this company and other companies wishing to invest in the province to facilitate their work. He pointed rhetoric to that the province will address the prime minister to get the approvals required for the conclusion of the agreements with such companies in order to implement projects directly affecting the citizens, explaining that the director of the company gave a brief on its business in various countries of the world and is among the first five certified companies in China, specializing in the areas of several, including electric energy and exploration, metallurgy, civil and military telecommunications and water desalination and infrastructure. He pointed rhetoric to meet him also the director general and members of the Group of Companies Insurance (latte) Iranian and discuss ways of cooperation and find solutions to the problem of electricity by investing using smart meters with the application of new technical mechanism for the rationalization of energy consumption, as the company is conducting maintenance and the collection of the amounts and the payment of 80 percent of employees' salaries Maintenance versus that there will be the company's share of funding for the collection of such acts carried out by including a link smart meters to subscribers and providing advisory services in the production of electric power and solar.

He said the government of Karbala serious about the establishment of a power plant with a capacity of 500 MW project in order to cover the need to maintain energy, as it will get all the approvals from the Council of Ministers for the establishment of this plant through investment, and will be for Iranian companies priority in the implementation of projects, because the province had experiences have successful, for example, with the company (Lian Cowan) in the provision of health and medical services, as it has to conduct surgery in 2600 for the people of Karbala. In turn, the Chairman of the Investment Authority in Basra Ali Gaspe said a statement news: that the Commission has sent 10 investment transactions to the National Commission for the purpose of granting licenses to investors because of the absence of the Board of Directors currently in the province, noting that the National Commission granted yet Ajazatan Astosmareeten of such transactions.

He explained that the private industrial sector leave up investment cost of more than $ 15 million, and for the establishment of a factory for the production of well-known plastic pal (PVC) within the pipeline industry «polyethylene» used for sanitation and other health INSTALLATION. Gaspe to leave the second and added relating to the tourism sector is to invest «Millennium Sword» Hotel (hotel workers' previously) and located near the Aviation Square, built on the land of private sector, However, he noted the investment cost of the hotel five-star amounted to more than three and seventy million dollars. As for the subject of the Council of the Basra Investment Management, Gaspe Vnoh that was amended investment law some time ago and voted by the Parliament and is awaiting publication in the Official Gazette to take effect, saying that the amendment in the Investment Law guarantees the selection or the governing body of the nomination by the President of the Investment Commission the province, to submit to the Office of the province for the purpose of choosing the administrative body without submission to the provincial council as was the case in the past, describing such a mechanism as good body and drove out of the quota system, he said.

Furthermore, Gaspe said that he hoped to witness the beginning of next year, an official inauguration of the two labs investment funds in the province, the first sponge, paint factory, and the second domestic gas cylinders plant that has been successfully run a pilot.

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